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The 27th Doncaster CAMRA Beer Festival was held this year from;
Thursday June 7th to Saturday June 9th at The Dome Doncaster.

Subject: Re: 27th Doncaster Beer Festival


I would like to thank you all for the help I was given towards making it a very enjoyable Beer Festival.

All our volunteer staff were willing to help in any areas that needed covering which lead to a very relaxing and friendly atmosphere.

Being honest this was by far the easiest festival that I have worked and I have been the Staffing Officer for the last 16 years.

I also found the Dome staff to be very good and if i required anything they were always around to help. I also thought the venue was excellent.

Working on the railways I am getting some very positive feedback from people who attended the Beer Festival.

I would be happy to volunteer for Staffing Officer for next year and if given advance warning i may be able to book more time off work.


Sideburns Dave

A much better venue than previous although a little far out of Town.

Would like to return next year, but please put some better signs up to the Main Hall. Felt like we walked from Doncaster.

Wasn’t aware of the Circular Bus we had a right old mystery tour.

A lot better seating wise seemed to be more room.

May be we could have some leaning tables? Didn’t want to sit but wouldn’t have minded some tall tables.

Excellent Beer choice and cool. Don’t drink Cider so I can’t comment sorry.

Food not enough food. Pizza was nice. But the pies were expensive.

Absolutely loved it, well done and thank you.

Shan’t be coming again sorry. Why????

Put my name down next year please to Volunteer. Looks like hard work but you guys have seemed to enjoyed it.

Do I have to go Home now??

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