Staffing Form

Doncaster Beer Festival Staffing Form – 4th – 9th June

4th – 5th are setting up days when we get everything into place. On the 6th (up till 5pm) we complete the setting up and then from 5pm on that day and all day Friday and Saturday, the beer festival is open to the public.

All volunteers who work a minimum of at least 2-3hrs session(s) are entitled to free entry and an allocation of free beer. Those volunteering to staff a session up till closure on Thursday, Friday and Saturday will be able to claim up to £8.00 towards the cost of a taxi home, although we expect staff to share a taxi wherever possible. A receipt must be obtained and forwarded to the treasurer who will be available during the festival. Buses (21,25,57,58) can be used.

Please submit the form below indicating the times you are available and tick the box if you are in possession of a current first aid certificate.

Please attend the Dome at the times you have indicated and you can be sure that your contribution will add to the success of the branch’s most important and prestigious event.

Job preference: token desk, main door, bar work, products stall. You can choose one or more of the preferences. There may be times when your preference cannot be accommodated and you will be assigned an alternative.