March 4, 2018

[ Entertainment ]

Friday 8th June

The Groom Lake Fugitives 

A four piece Rock Band playing Covers and Originals, the band is a local band based in Doncaster. A well known group with David Bailey – Lead Vocals & Guitar who have played in the Cask Corner, Social and the Queen.

Liam McCormack – Lead Guitar
Matt McCormack – Lead Bass/Backing Vocals
Richie Stott – Lead Drums/Backing Vocals


Saturday 9th June

The Smoking Beagles 

A local band of Blues and Rock Genre with lead singer James Taplin and his backing group are on Saturday night to perform their library of songs. The band will play from 18:00 onwards. As the festival is in the main hall it will give the band a large audience to play to. 

Tom Lowbridge – Lead Guitar.
Matt McCormacks – Bass
Matt Edgerton – Drums
Gary Drackett – Keyboard
Mick Holmes – Harmonica